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Media Opportunities Guide

How can you participate?

By providing us with:

  • Guest reviews
  • Event and action photos (jpg format, high resolution is preferred)
  • Event and action video footage for upload to YouTube
  • Facebook & Twitter status updates on events and activities
  • Events Calendar items
  • Website cross links
  • Product promotions – weekly or monthly promotions

Website Cross Promotion

Guest Reviews

  • To post up to Magnums Accommodation & Tours Website


  • Some tour products are displayed on our website – and can be booked online.  If you would like to participate, please contact us to discuss further, we will require your approval in writing and give you a specification document outlining what text, ideas and images you will need to provide to us to include on our site.

Photo Gallery

  • We run various photo galleries through our Flickr account and would be very happy to receive new photos to upload or for you to access our Magnums Group via Flickr to upload photos as and when you take them.


  • Quality video footage can be included in our YouTube Channel –  which is linked to our website.

 Events Calendar

  • Whitsunday events are prominently featured on our Events Calendar which is also linked to our Entertainment page in our Tools & Tips.
  • Events information shoudl include an image of the event and the event details.

 Blogs & News

  • We would like to include blogs relating to the Whitsunday and product – providing excitement for past events and promoting new events and travellers articles.


  • We have an area available on our website specifically for weekly promotions and specials we are happy to look at all tour product promotion concepts and ideas. 

Magnums Social Media Links

Facebook Pages

Magnums Accommodation (Main Page)

Magnums Backpackers (Community Page only)

Magnums Budget Accommodation (Community Page only)






Reviews will be published on: 

  • Our website review page
  • Our website featured review box
  • Magnums Facebook pages
  • Social Media pages where appropriate.


Event Calendar

We have set up an events calendar on our website and would ask that you forward us new events  - relating to your product, to the Whitsundays or to the tourism and/or backpacker marketplace.

Photos (Flickr)

We have a generic photo gallery linked to our Flickr account – which is designed to show potential guests the Whitsundays and Magnums experience.

Please feel free to upload photos to our Flickr Group (Magnums) as and when you get them.       

Or alternatively email us your photos and give us approval to upload to our Flickr account.

To upload photos you will need to setup a Flickr account and join our Magnums Group Pool – see how below:

Sign up to Flickr -

Find our Magnums Group by clicking on the following URL  or you can search for a “Group” see below:

You can join the group and then this will allow you to “Add Photos”. We have allowed for up to 30 photo/video to be added per week to our Group Pool.


Our main facebook page is Magnums Accommodation -

We have community pages attached to this Page

Magnums Backpackers

 Magnums Budget Accommodation

Please “Like” our pages.

Also please  “Like” and  “Share” our stories on our wall and please feel free to “Post” stories and pictures to our wall.

If you have a story on your wall, let us know via email and we will share your stories/pictures to our wall in return.  Cross promotion is our goal!

We are happy to look at other concepts and ideas on cross promoting our facebook sites.


 We are aiming to build a content rich video library for our online visitors, this will be displayed via  our YouTube channel (linked to Facebook and our Website).  Any suitable events, action shots, tour videos, guest video would be greatly appreciated – we are happy to upload directly to our Channel or share into our video library from your Channel – just let us know and we will find a way to make it work!

We look forward to your support and are very excited about the new direction in which we are going to promote our businesses!

How do you get info, images and videos to us?

Please forward text, images, video and ideas to:

Vick Kohler
Magnums Administration

Or via Dropbox – sending a link to Vicki
Or via Sendit – sending a link to Vicki
Or via Flickr - Join our Magnums Group

For more detailed information (or even a How to Guide), please have a look at the following link - Magnums Media Opprotunities.